This is how to get into the Military Base in Grand Theft Auto V without getting any stars or having the military or police chase you. I also give some other …

25 thoughts on “GTA 5 – GET INTO MILITARY BASE WITH NO STARS (How To / Tutorial) [GTA V]

  1. SnoopGorilla

    i did exactly the same as you did, why should i chill, and you can just do whatever pleases you?

  2. Joakim5533

    You need to buy a hangar at the international Airport to store the big plane. The hangar at international Airport cost about 1,3 million dollars

  3. Jose Ivan

    The best way to get to the military base without dieing. You first have to get a armored police truck from the SWAT. After that go to the military base and you wont get shout out our blow up by geting your car shout alot.

  4. ZT Lunar

    I know how to make Crew/Friend/Invite only: Go to Michael/Trevor/Franklin, go to map menu, go over to online, go to ‘Play GTA Online’ and it should say the following options :D

  5. TLBEoGyOH

    If you get franklin or Michael to meet trevor in the plane(need to have hangar at LSIA) you should be able to keep it

  6. GamersCityLiam

    You don’t get wanted because you are shooting a gun in that mission and when you shoot a gun, well you get stars… so going into the base doesn’t give you starts. Just thinking here I’m not saying I am right :)

  7. deadra warrior

    Käytä taksilla ja mennä pääportin kun osut punainen palkki paina oikealla sauvalla alas saada työtä niin kauan kuin vuoropuhelu on menossa sinun on hieno

  8. jami laari

    what you actually did? you talk with somebody or something like that could tell me how you did that….. I didn’t understand. help me because I’m from finland and I’m not best to talk in english….

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